When Are The Next Bank Holidays in 2016?

By | September 24, 2016

Well, the kids are back at school and the universities and colleges have reopened after the summer holidays and for many people it means a return to work. Plus it marks the end of the hot summer days. So many people are already counting the days until the next bank holiday.

With autumn starting, winter weather will be set in before it’s time for the next bank holiday. Yes, you guessed it. The next bank holiday will be Christmas and then New Year where we will get our eagerly awaited break.

But exactly how many days will we get and exactly when will they be?

Christmas 2016

xmas london

This year’s Christmas Bank Holiday will be from 25th December to 27th December.

Christmas Day will be on a Sunday this year with Boxing Day following on the Monday so the UK will also be receiving a bank holiday on 27th December.  This is a Tuesday.

New Year 2016new year london

With the Christmas period behind us, it’s not long before New Year takes place with many people looking forward to celebrating the start of 2017. And as with every year, New Year bank holiday will be on 1st January until 2nd January 2017. As a bonus, since New Year’s Day falls on Sunday, we get the following Monday off too!

After this, it’s quite a long wait for the next bank holiday as the following one is Easter.


Getting Away

If you’re planning on going away for the holidays, then now is the time to get booking. Hotels and events generally begin to sell out for Christmas and New Year at this time of the year. So be sure to plan ahead to avoid disappointment.
If you’re heading to London for near sure to plan your travelling accordingly. For example, during the New Year celebrations many of the central London bridges are closed therefore requiring good planning to get around.

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