St Patrick’s Day

Below are the dates for upcoming St Patrick’s Day holidays:

Bank HolidayDay of weekDateWeek
St Patrick's Day 2016Thursday17th March 201611
St Patrick's Day 2017Friday17th March 201711
St Patrick's Day 2018Monday19th March 201812

St Patrick’s Day takes place on the 17th of March and is sometimes known as the Feast of Saint Patrick.  The day is a national holiday in Northern Ireland but is widely celebrated worldwide.  Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and while born in England was kidnapped and taken to Ireland as a slave in the 4th century at the age of 16.  But after 6 years in enslavement he managed to escape and find his way back home.  After many years, Patrick returned to Ireland.  There are many stories about St Patrick such as ridding Ireland of snakes and that he could speak with Irish ancestors.

The shamrock is the symbol of Saint Patrick’s Day.  This is a type of three-leaved clover which it is said that Patrick used to demonstrate Christianism to the Irish people.